Short & Bittersweet

        a mind palace of a depressed person        

8 weeks of post-production
1 day of shooting

watch hi-res:
In the middle of 2019, I was approached by the management of schafter and commissioned to create a music video for his upcoming album.
Since I was given complete creative freedom and almost 2 months to develop it, I decided to take some time and treat this piece in a challenging and experimental way on almost all fronts.


The main idea behind the music video for this very young Polish rapper was to create a virtual environment that would represent a dark mind palace of a depressed person. I wanted to visually represent how many dark thoughts can go through one’s head and how overwhelming it can become.

The main inspiration for the design of this environment was the densest city in the world - the Walled City of Kowloon. I saw it as a perfect analogy for an unkempt, unorganized mind that still somehow manages to exist and operate daily.  

 Inside that city, I wanted to create small zones but treat them like separate scenes with their own lighting, elements and materials. I wanted the viewer to be able to spot those zones inside the city structure.

I also wanted to emphasize the idea of being overwhelmed with anxieties and emotions, so I was looking for a way to represent that visually. The obvious choice would be to create a series of 1 second long shots, but that wouldn’t fit the slow paced rhythm of the song.

I ended up dividing the screen into three parts, where the middle part is “the progress bar” of the character’s literal fall into a void, and the side ones are changing every few seconds, showing us different parts of the palace.


From the technical side, I wanted to try out a more realistic approach to 3D renders than in my previous work. I incorporated into my workflow techniques that allowed me to create more realistic textures and fabrics that would fit the dirty look of the video.

one of the initial style test

Since I had an abundance of time to work on this piece, I decided to experiment a little and devote a substantial part of my development time to creating several rigs for this piece using Xpresso and Python. 

Most rigs ended up being used in the final video, but the main one that took most of my time was ditched at the very end of production and used only in a handful of places. Turns out that using kitbash is easier and faster than creating a whole rig from the ground up…


“short & bittersweet” was released after two months of development and at the moment of writing it has amassed over 700,000 views on YouTube.

You can watch the video on YouTube over here.

script, animation, direction Łukasz Partyka
producer Marysia Surzycka / executive producer Shootme / Michał Majewski  /
director of photography Szymon Dudka / steadicam Michał Kluszczyński / camera assistant Michał Targoński
characterization Jaga Jakubowska / casting Jana Górska
gear Wojtek Affek / Praga Studio / insurance Jarosław Mika - Po Sąsiedzku

Jana Górska, Ewa Stępińska, Ignacy Misiek, Natalia Obuchowicz, Juliusz Gąsiorowski,
Mateusz Warecki, Kuba Dyniewicz, Eryk Kowalczyk, Zbyszek Ayodele

special thanks to
Agnieszka Basa - Hart & Viewfinder, Szymon Dudka, PKP Powiśle, Bar Labour Cafe

Warsaw 2019

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