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        youtube influencers trapped in an app       

13 days of post-production
40 scenes on green screen
1 day of shooting

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In 2019, I was commissioned by Plej advertising agency to create a series of short internet videos. The idea was to promote a new way that Play clients could donate money to the biggest fund-raiser in Poland called Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (WOŚP).


The main idea behind this ad was to show famous youtube influencers working inside the client’s mobile app. The creative team at Plej was looking for a way to represent such an idea within the constraints of the client's budget.

The look of the app itself was supposed to be a mix of the actual design of the client’s boutiques, the design of the actual iOS and Android apps, and the series of references matching the style from the brief.

My solution was to show this concept in a cross-section type of video, where the camera is mostly static and looking at the scenes only from one direction. It was both a stylistic choice, allowing us to show the characters as small versions of themselves, but also a way to limit the amount of time on set needed to change the camera’s position, light setup etc.


It was essential for our client to stay within a given time schedule, as the video had to be released alongside the fund-raiser itself.

11 days

of pre-production

13 days

of post-production

This almost impossible deadline was achieved thanks to the perfect cooperation between the client, the agency, the production team and myself.

12 hours

of shooting on greenscreen

40 scenes

with 15 YouTube influencers

The hardest scene, both on-set and in post-production, was the one where the influencers had to pass a huge coin to a robotic arm. It required a small amount of special effects on set and then a bit of special tracking in post.

For the purpose of this video, I also created a simple robotic arm rig since regular robotic arms were looking too dangerous and didn’t fit the aesthetics of the video.


Despite an impossibly tight schedule and huge amount of post-production work, we succeeded in delivering the project on time.

The client was more than satisfied with the results and at the moment of writing, the video gathered over 1 million views on YouTube.

direction, animation, postproduction Łukasz Partyka
producer Bartłomiej Stawiński
1st AD Roma Zachemba
director of photography Mikołaj Syguda

PLEJ creative agency
creative director Bart Biały
art director Jakub Kowalik
copywriter Maciej Kraska
art director Kacper Tarapata
copywriter Krzysztof Kuczera
account manager Angelika Panicz
group account supervisor Michał Piwowarczyk

gaffer Michał Obłoża / stylist Dorota Magdziarz
make-up Alicja Kutkowska / set manager Aleksandra Sworowska
grip Edwin Wolski / camera assist Przemek Twardecki / focus puller Dziadek

Warsaw 2019

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