Open’er Festival 2019

        commercial about sending buses to space       

4 weeks of post-production
1 day of shooting

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Open’er Festival is the single biggest music event in Poland, taking place every summer since 2002.

In 2019, I was invited to create an ad for them that would air on national television and cinemas around Poland.


Every year, the creative team working at Open’er comes up with a new theme for the festival. In 2019, that theme was the cosmos.

The idea was to use famous elements and landmarks of this legendary Polish music fest and show them in a cosmic context alongside the names of headliners, the same way it was done in their promotional posters and graphics.

the promotional material from client’s creative team

The client wanted us to incorporate video footage from the previous year’s festival, but also to show some genuine emotions in the video. As a way to do the latter, I proposed to showcase real people with the help of 3D scanning. 


Since the budget didn’t really allow us to use proper 3D scanning rigs, we experimented with using a 360° camera rig that usually serves as an attraction on promotional events.

The quality of the scans wasn’t perfect but it was good enough for our needs as the characters were never meant to be shown up close.

With the use of just 8 different scanned characters, we created visualisations of the huge festival crowds.


The commercial was released according to the schedule and at the moment of writing gathered over 300,000 views on Youtube.

You can watch the video on youtube over here.

 animation, direction Łukasz Partyka
producer Marysia Surzycka
executive producer Shootme / Michał Majewski 

Warsaw 2019

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