music video about death and video games        


4,5 weeks of post-production

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In the beginning of 2018, the takie.pany collective and I were contacted by the management of Fisz Emade and asked to create a music video for their upcoming album. We were approached based on the success of our previous music video, but from the start we told our client that we wanted to go in a different stylistic direction.


I wanted to create a music video which would show video games in a different light than usual. Not as a form of entertainment, an action-packed experience or a means for escapism. Instead, I wanted to focus on the relationship-building aspect of playing video games, and how it creates bonds and memories as strong as those we create in real life.

This idea was strongly inspired by several stories from around the web, where people were reminiscing about their deceased loved ones through video games.

Quite early in the production stages, we decided to show everything from the isometric view, which was both a stylistic choice inspired by old video games, but also a technical and time saving tool, since we didn’t have to create super detailed elements and textures in a very limited time frame.

As a fan of video games, it was important for me to sprinkle the video with plenty of gaming-related easter eggs, so from the start we planned out different ways of incorporating different elements into our script and visuals.


This project was my second collaboration on a video with Tomek Domański and Mikołaj Zakrzewski (takie.pany), and they were a great deal of help in creating concept arts, 2D assets and some of the models for the video.

Tomek and Mikołaj created a lot of beautiful graphics, most of which were inspired by real video games, movies and music albums. 


Kanterstrajk gathered over 700,000 views on Youtube and

You can check out the video on Youtube over here.


concept, script & direction
Łukasz Partyka

conceptart & illustration
“takie.pany” collective
Tomek Domański, Mikołaj Zakrzewski

animation and 3D models
Łukasz Partyka

character design and models
Tomek Domański

special thanks to Marcin Kosman

Warsaw 2018

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