music video about true Polish summer       

Deszcz na Betonie

2 weeks of nonstop work
over 50 illustrations

watch hi-res:
“Deszcz na betonie” was only the second music video I ever worked on. And for takie.pany (a duo of illustrators and mural artists), it was a complete debut. It was also a project that almost killed us because of the crazy tight schedule we’ve been put on.

Thankfully the artist was a great guy and we still keep in touch from time to time. It was a great honor to collaborate with the talented and mysterious Taco Hemingway.


My main idea was to create a series of highly nostalgic, postcard-like images from places which you would be hard-pressed to actually find on a postcard, but which are deeply embedded in the memories of every Polish person. I wanted the viewers to reminisce about various summer vacations they experienced while growing up.

In order to breathe some life into these still images, I decided to utilize simple animation techniques on various visible elements, all the while keeping in mind that the animation should be subtle enough for the illustrations to maintain a postcard feel to them.


Having created an early draft of the storyboard, I invited “takie.pany” (SUCH LADS), a duo known for their excellent murals and various graphic design projects, to collaborate on the video.

We spent the next two weeks cooped up in an apartment in Warsaw’s Praga district, working 18 hours a day and eating exclusively at BAO NAM, a nearby Chinese place.

Finally, we managed to create the 50 illustrations necessary to complete the video.


Deszcz na Betonie gathered over 39,000,000 views on YouTube and received a grand prix award at the YACH Music Video Festival.

You can check out the video over here.


concept, animation & direction
Łukasz Partyka

“takie.pany” collective
Tomek Domański, Mikołaj Olizard-Zakrzewski

Warsaw 2017

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